Bosnian Intellectuals and the idea of Bosnianhood: Key do Deadlock?

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Adil Zulfikarpašić, Bosnianhood, International Forum Bosnia, Krug 99, Rusmir Mahmutčehayić

The need for a common, civic identity in rebuilding Bosnia as a civil state, with the encouragement of intellectuals building a climate of understanding and enlarging moral space, has been one of the main debates in the post-war period, which was largely obstructed by the socio-political setting established by the peace plan.
In this context, this paper focuses on the textual works of the main representatives of the idea of Bosnianhood to examine the variables supporting and/or impeding the formation of such a common identity. The cases will be three Bosnian intellectuals, namely Rusmir Mahmutčehayić, Enes Karić and Adil Zulfikarpašić, of which the former two are religiously-motivated intellectuals; and two NGOs, namely Krug 99 and International Forum Bosnia.
Taking it into consideration that the current constitutional structure can not provide the necessary political and socio-psychological background to go beyond the current divisions to achieve a common identity, it will be concluded that the way to the European Union stands as the most favourable option on the table to provide an alternative supra-identity while it also has its own deficiencies, such as lack of sufficient political will on the side of international community.

SEERC 2008